JMJ Social Serice Society

  • The aim of the Congregation of JMJ is to make possible the empowerment of the marginalized people, especially the economically backward women and children through a process of awareness, organizational and collective action exclusively for raising the social, economic, cultural and health status as well as promotion of environment.
  • The Congregation extends its solidarity with the world through the ministry of Social Action, vividly in India, USA and Africa. Ever since 1904, JMJ collaborated with the government and non-governmental organizations, lived its charism the “ever adaptable apostolic availability”, opened its new vistas through social ministry as the signs of the times invited us. Our social activities aim at liberation of all people from bondage, unjust structures, exploitation and atrocities.
  • While equipping women with right motivation, knowledge, skills and resources to become the primary agents of change, JMJ Social Service Societies in our provinces integrate their knowledge, perspectives, experiences, aspirations and expectations into mainstream of development paradigm.
  • Thus, the sisters of the Congregation envision a just society where all can live in peace, happiness and equality, revealing the glory of God in humanity.