The Team

Superior General

Innamma Yeruva


The General Board of the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph:

The General Board of the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph are elected based on the constitutions during the General Chapter.

Chandra Thainese

Mary Karickakunnel

Valsa Koreth

Vijaya Udumala


Board Members of the Holy Family Foundation:

The board members of the Holy Family Foundation are appointed by the general board of the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph.

Innamma Yeruva, JMJ

Chandra Thainese, JMJ

Valsa Koreth, JMJ

Niko Hanckmanna, CMM


Investment Committee:

The investment committee (Internal Asset Managers)is appointed by the General Board of the Congregation. The Investment Committee is the authorized representative of the Foundation in day-to-day contacts with the external asset managers.

Revitalized by the Spirit of God, the Holy Family Foundation together with the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph, being true to the Charism and Spirituality of its Founder Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff SJ, with an "Ever-Adaptable Apostolic Availability" approach reach out to educate and empower all people in difficulties and those lost hope in life.

Jessy JosephMadanaveli, JMJ


Ad Kluijtmans


Jan Koonings